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German-Time "Tunisian-German theater dialogue - 06.04.2012


Where is the cultural breaks off place for violence

"Tunisian-German theater dialogue"

On the occasion of the Tunisian-German theater dialogue is the young (28) Tunisian writer, playwright, director, Meriam Bousselmi from Tunis as a Fellow of the Berlin
"Section Performing Arts" on 6/7 April to July in Berlin.

Her drama "Memoire et retraite" (Memories retired, 1:45 h) was translated into German.

... Artists are following the overthrow of former President Ben Ali in Tunisia and increasingly brutal attacks by radical religious brethren insulted and physically.

Theater performances to be disturbed and damaged works of art.

An outrageous, unbelievable assault on the freedom of art, the open-
creating not stand for it. The people supported by the Tunisian "Kaktusre-
rebellion "(Jaibi Fadhel, Director) is currently experiencing its counter-rebellion towards progress radical anti-religious.
A more powerful symbol for the progress of Foe sensitivity of the radikal
believer is a "camel, a laptop-store owner in the square, in Cairo, in the
spring of 2011, trampled. "

Dear Ms. Bruns, perhaps, the political and cultural editor of an interview
interested with Mrs. Bousselmi?

I like to hear from you.

best regards

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